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Proxy Setup & Configuration

We offer two proxy configuration options for watching UK TV.
Please choose one of the following two configurations for your device:

  • Works even on devices that donít support http proxy configuration (Home Theatre devices, gaming consoles, mobile devices, etc.);
  • Provides high speed direct browsing (the proxy is used only for lifting geo-restriction on selected websites);
  • Regular websites browsing is not affected by this configuration. (No lag or speed impact during browsing);
  • Access both UK and US sites without changing the proxy configuration.

This configuration is recommended for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,

  • Compatible with virtually all internet network providers from all countries. (It works for internet connections that donít support DNS configuration);
  • Works on all PCs, Apple devices, PS3
  • Routes all web traffic through the proxy server;
  • Provides anonymity;
  • Enhances online privacy by hiding your IP.

This configuration is compatible with network providers that donít allow DNS proxy.

For more information regarding the service check our FAQ page and our compatibility list.