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Proxy Setup & Configuration

iPhone iPad PS3

Setting Up the Proxy for PS3

1. Go to the Settings option in the cross media bar on the PS3. Select Network Settings. Press "X" for Internet Connection Settings.

2. Select the Yes option if currently connected to the Internet. If you are not connected, this option is unavailable.

3. Highlight the Custom option with the d-pad. Press the Right button on the controller. Select Auto-Detect and push "Right" again. Choose the Automatic IP setting and press "Right" to continue. Select "Do Not Set" on the DHCP host name screen. Push "Right" three times.

4. Push the Down key to select Use on the Proxy Server screen. Press "Right." Push X to bring up the virtual keyboard or use an USB keyboard for your PS3.

5. Insert the proxy details:

Set up the address for the proxy domain Server:
Put in the Port number: 80 and then Push "Right" and then press "X" to save changes.